‘European Researchers’ Night’

On September 24, Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva, University of Aveiro (UA) and CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials joined in the celebration of the ‘European Researchers’ Night’, this year focused on environment and sustainability.

‘European Researchers’ Night’ is an initiative of the European Commission that seeks to bring science and researchers closer to the general public.

The initiative organized by the Doctoral Students Committee (CAD) of CICECO within the scope of the commemoration of CICECO’s 20th anniversary stood out.

It included walks to collect garbage through the streets of the city of Aveiro and of Barra beach, by researchers from UA and students of basic schools. The issue of pollution by microplastics was discussed.

The garbage collected was used in the construction of a work of art by the plastic artist Ricardo Nicolau de Almeida, during the event itself, and the public was invited to participate in the construction of this collective sculpture.

Congratulations to CAD CICECO and CICECO researchers !!! Well done !!!